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LED Flood Light 100 Watt | Waterproof Outdoor Light

LED Flood Light 100 Watt | Waterproof Outdoor Light

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Introducing our powerful LED Flood Light 100 Watt, designed to deliver maximum brightness for outdoor applications. With its durable metallic body, excellent design, and wide light dispersion, this floodlight ensures optimal illumination in any setting. Whether you need custom lighting for your home, hotel, hall, marketplace, garden, landscape, or advertisement billboard, our LED Flood Light is the perfect solution. 

Key Features of our LED Flood Light:

1. Mercury-Free and Safe: Unlike traditional lights that may contain traces of mercury, our LED Flood Lights are mercury-free, making them safe for both the environment and human health. With a longer lifespan, these lights also contribute to a reduced disposal rate.

2. Versatile Applications: Our LED floodlights are suitable for various residential and commercial purposes. They are highly popular for security lighting, landscape lighting, as well as for sports events and stage lighting during concerts and other activities.

3. Energy-Efficient: Designed with energy-saving in mind, our LED Flood Light consumes significantly less power compared to conventional flood lamps. For instance, a 50-watt LED Flood Light can replace a 200-watt conventional lamp, resulting in up to 60% energy savings. Enjoy high brightness while reducing your electricity bills.

4. Compact Size: Our LED Flood Light features a compact design that emits a powerful and wide beam of light. Its smaller size makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing versatility in your lighting setup.

5. Easy Installation: Installing our LED Flood Light is a breeze. There's no need for complicated wire connections. Simply plug it into a socket, and the light will function efficiently. No technical skills are required, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

6. Economic and Durable: Our LED Flood Light is not only cost-effective in terms of energy efficiency but also offers long-lasting performance. With a lifespan of up to 40,000 hours, these lights provide reliable and consistent illumination for an extended period. Additionally, they come with a 1-year replacement warranty for added peace of mind.

Available Options:

- Wattage: We offer a range of LED Flood Lights, including 50 watt and 100-watt options.

- Color Temperature: Choose between two color options - Daylight and Warm White, based on your preference and lighting needs.

Benefit from the advantages of our LED Flood Light, which offers superior lighting coverage for a wide range of outdoor areas such as playgrounds, stadiums, warehouses, and more. These lights emit a bright and wide-reaching beam, ensuring efficient illumination of large surfaces. Unlike other lights that are typically aimed in a specific direction, our LED Flood Light is designed to provide comprehensive coverage when mounted correctly. 

Benefits of our LED Flood Light:

- Energy Efficient: Our LED Flood Light consumes approximately 85% less energy compared to conventional lights, resulting in significant energy savings. Additionally, it boasts a long lifespan of approximately 40,000 hours, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

- Excellent Heat Dissipation: Our Floodlight features efficient heat sinking abilities, ensuring optimal heat dissipation and preventing light failures due to overheating.

- Eye-Friendly Light: Unlike conventional lights or other LEDs that may cause harm to your eyes, our Deltalite LED lights are designed to be eye-friendly, providing comfortable and safe illumination.

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